Thursday, February 24, 2011

TreeTapper hosting moving

Today, TreeTapper is moving from hosting at NESCent to hosting at the U of Tennessee. NESCent hosting has been excellent (I remember one occasion during a weekend snow storm when NESCent's sysadmin braved Durham's poorly-treated streets and spinning drivers to go in and take care of servers that were, ironically enough, overheating). However, it will be a bit easier for me to maintain if TreeTapper is hosted locally, as I'll be able to directly log in to the production server and change things without needing to worry as much about other sites (though other O'Meara lab sites, like, are also hosted on the server). So far the move has gone well, now to see if the DNS starts pointing properly. TreeTapper may be down for a few hours while the move completes. MacPorts has been helpful for things like recompiling a version of PHP that can talk to a database.

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