Monday, June 14, 2010

NSF grant submitted

I have applied to NSF's Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation program for a developer for TreeTapper and some salary support for me. Consistent with TreeTapper's open way of doing science, you can see the submitted proposal (minus the legalese pages and my CV/other grants pages) here (PDF). The goals are threefold: 1) improve the basic TreeTapper code to make it more sustainable, secure, and faster, 2) improve usability, esp. with generation of the missing methods/software diagrams and with user login (implement OpenID), hopefully making it easier for others to get involved, and 3) make the code base deployable in other fields -- imagine a TreeTapper for methods in astronomy or ecology.

Continued thanks to NESCent for funding initial development of TreeTapper (feeding me, hosting the site, providing extensive expertise) [NSF grant EF-0423641] and Google Summer of Code for funding a student to create code for visual database traversal.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Getting everything working on Mac OS 10.5 was an issue, and there's also the security concerns of having one's primary machine also acting as a web server. I'm not exploring putting TreeTapper on a Sun VirtualBox on my mac. I'm downloading Ubuntu Server now and will give it a try. Suggestions welcome, of course.