Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Viewing missing methods/software, part VI: Processing done!

I've written the code to generate the missing methods/software tree diagram using Processing. The relevant page is http://treetapper.nescent.org/findneed.php . I've designed it so that as data streams back from the database via a PHP script, Processing draws this on the diagram in real time. As users update the sortable list of options (tree type, general question, etc.) (using YUI drag and drop), a Javascript function updates the string (stored in a Javascript variable) that is passed to the PHP script. Processing checks this string (so, Java talking to a Javascript object), and if it has changed, Processing closes its old connection to the PHP script and opens a new one using the new options. It thus dynamically updates the chart and is far faster than Google Maps API. It's also easy to do sophisticated animations easily in Processing: currently, I have the nodes flying out of their parents, zooming and shifting the image, and point highlighting on mouseover. These actually don't slow down the rendering: I have the script written so that it only adds a new node to the diagram once the previous node has reached its destination, which sets an upper limit on rendering speed, but I override this and put many nodes on the tree at once if there's a backlog (>10 nodes read from the server but not drawn yet). There is rarely such a backlog, indicating that nodes are being drawn as fast as the server is passing them to Processing. It's pretty cool to be able to visualize where our field needs work (or, rather, where I need to fill in the database) using a dynamic interface, and also surprising that it wasn't too bad to program (especially considering I didn't know Processing/Java, Javascript, PHP, or Postgres when I started this in November 2007). Here is a video showing the new site being used (also available here); you may need to widen your browser window to see it all. As always, suggestions are encouraged.

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