Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First post

Part of my NESCent project is the creation of TreeTapper.org, a site dedicated to methods and software that use trees to understand biology. It has two main aims: 1) allowing users from fields as diverse as genomics, ecology, paleontology, and phylogenetics to identify methods and software that will allow them to answer interesting questions using phylogenetic trees, and 2) allowing developers to identify areas where methods are not yet available or where methods need to implemented in software. I wanted a way to keep track of progress and issues involved in the development of the site; since this process might be of interest to others, I'm using this blog to do so. Any feedback is welcome. Also, though the site is (barely) live now, it's not yet ready for users: a formal announcement of its release will be made later (through EvolDir, Ecolog, and perhaps a journal).

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